Pet Owners

PET CSI® introduces the 1st Pet DNA Identification and City Pet Registration Mobile Application. PET CSI® has been hailed as the “CSI of the four legged world” and with all the incredible things to their credit they continue to be innovators and pioneers in the biotechnology and pet industry. PET CSI® is the 1st and only accredited and certified vet lab granted state and federal forensic analysis capabilities. Now for the first time PET CSI® is offering a mobile app developed specifically for pet owners offering them a safe and accurate at-home Pet DNA Identification and Pet DNA Registration services and comes with a suite of cool services and features. Did you know Pet DNA identification is a more effective method than micro-chipping and is noninvasive? Are you aware registering your pet with your local animal services is the Law? Ever wanted to know the breed or pedigree of your pet? Did you know through DNA you can test for infectious disease lowering your vet bills along with increasing the health and wellness of your pet? Need a better tracking method in the case of a lost or found pet? Looking for a pet day care, pet park or the closest groomer? PET CSI® has the answers to these and many other pet related questions. The PET CSI® mobile app is the do-it-yourself pet parenting solution source for responsible pet owners. The PET CSI® Team would like to thanks you for your download and welcome you and your pet our loving pet family.

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Property Managers

PET CSI® (Pet Excrement Testing Crime Scene Insurance and/or Investigation) takes a comprehensive approach utilizing pet DNA to assist with pet waste and pet management. With our $1.00 per door/unit Subscription Model Pricing we are the most affordable pet waste management system on the market. Now with our patented biotechnology we are the #1 solutions to pet waste pollution assisting managed communities with pet waste policy enforcement, city pet registration and pet identification. PET CSI® eliminates pet waste on the grounds of your apartment, condo, managed community, parks and city forever through DNA technology. That’s right “We Match the Poop to Who Didn’t Scoop”. PET CSI® is the World’s 1st pet management system validated and developed by our certified and accredited genetic laboratory that has been providing pet DNA related services since 1955. PET CSI® is the pet technology of the future and the only one of its kind designed for felines (cats) and canines (dogs) with managed communities in mind. Our lab have been instrumental in solving animal cruelty cases as well as assault and murder cases against humans who either owned a pet or a pet was present during the crime. We have been labeled, "The CSI of the Four-Legged World". PET CSI® and its partners are internationally recognized for their expertise of animal parentage verification, DNA profiling identification, pet forensic services, and genetic disease testing, along with purebred, mixed and designer breed analysis. With our innovative QR Code Pet Tag Software System, pet owners can store and update pet data such as photos, contact information, city registration information, and medical information and it offers a cutting edge tracking solution for lost or stolen pets. Thank you for visiting PET CSI®.

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PET CSI® – Pet Excrement Testing is the most innovative pet waste and pet management system in the world. We provide assistance to city code compliance officers, property managers, homeowners associations, and other manager communities with a turnkey solution to pet waste & pet management for Cats (felines) and Dogs (canines). That’s right “We Match The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop.” Although feces is not an ideal source of DNA profiling, our forensic division developed a system that can overcome problems commonly encountered with feces testing to make sure that your results are accurate, reproducible and can hold up in court. Our partnering laboratory was the 1st and only system developed and maintained by a certified and accredited DNA genetic laboratory. Our laboratory is responsible for solving crimes such as dog fighting, puppy mills, assault and battery against humans and even murder. Our lab has been called up in several international cases to help solve serious crimes against humans where pet(s) have been present. We bring a level of added protection to pet communities and pet owners that cannot be matched. Our home-based business has already revolutionized the pet industry and managed communities that allow pets. Join us today and get on the path to “Turning Poop Into Profit” legally and accurately.

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