Virtual Pet Education

Through our Virtual Pet Education™ courses we offer a subscription base model on topics ranging from “Living With Your Dog In A Shared Community” to “Dog Bite Safety”. We offer either in-person consultation or online seminars for dog owners, utility workers, postal carriers, insurance personnel, law enforcement and property management individuals.

Virtual Pet Education™ Courses for Shared Community e-learning programs are designed to teach your tenants everything you want them to know about being a responsible dog owner.

As a property management company, landlord, rental manager, condominium association board member, property manager or someone who simply rents or leases out units, you probably have legitimate concerns about renting properties to pet owners and you understand the importance of the health, safety, and happiness of all your tenants.

We understand your concerns and created Virtual Pet Education™ courses as a solution.  Below is a list of our specialized courses: 

Virtual Pet Education Courses

  • Dog Bite Safety

  • Humane Education

  • Living with your dog in a shared Community

  • Leash Law Violations

  • Barking Dog Complaints

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