PET CSI® provides an innovative mobile pet wellness service. Our Mobile Pet Vet is low cost vaccination and surgical clinic. We provide veterinarian services in:

Pet DNA Testing
Canine Vaccination
Feline Vaccination
Heartworm Preventive Care
Zeutering (Non-Surgical Neutering)

Our fleet of Mobile Pet Vet clinics are hired by apartment management firms, homeowner associations, adoption centers, rescues and city governments. Contact us today to find out more about hiring our affordable service for your community or pet loving organization. We also offer Pet House Call services for our individual clients. 

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It is our goal to overcome perceived road blocks to the basic care of your furry friends and help to prevent disease and save lives while helping to minimize the overpopulation of pets.  It also our goal to help our clients stay abreast of the ever changing pet policies, laws and code compliance rules as it relates to pet registration and vaccinations.  

The Mobile Pet Vet is affiliated with The Pet Vet Veterinarian Hospital @ Petco and is one of our full service hospitals located in Frisco, Texas. The Pet Vet veterinarians have served the Texas area for over 70 years combined and rapidly exapand across the US. At The Pet Vet, you will find knowledgeable, compassionate professionals who will offer you thorough diagnostics including digital x-ray and on site lab capabilities, and a modern, state of the art surgical center inclusive of surgical laser and sophisticated monitoring equipment. Cold laser therapy and orthopedic procedures as well as sick patient care and wellness plans are available.

The Mobile Pet Vet and The Pet Vet are dedicated to helping those who can't help themselves and have provided several methods to fit every pet parent's budget with our “Paw It Forward” No Cost & Low Cost Programs. For more information contact us today.


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