Mobile Pet Vet mobile Veterinary service offers a non-surgical male dog neutering program that uses an FDA approved product called Zeuterin to humanely sterilize male dogs. We call the procedure Zeutering and our tag line is “Need your Dog neutered? Get him Zeutered”. Zeutering is a pain free, non-surgical method of sterilizing male dogs using a naturally occurring zinc and amino acid based product that immediately destroys sperm on contact and destroys sperm producing cells in the testicles. The procedure is performed under light sedation and immediately reversed once the procedure is performed. This procedure doesn’t require full anesthesia, there is no down time, no pain, no stitches, no e-collars, no major post op complications (usually only minor testicular swelling negated by two days of inflammation management using Non-steroidal medication), no risk of excessive bleeding or death that can often be associated with traditional castration procedures. Best of all, It Costs Less! Up to 50% of the normal testosterone level is maintained for the benefit of keeping the valuable endocrine system intact for the pet. Keeping the testosterone at this level has been shown to help reduce and prevent many long term health issues found in neutered dogs as they age including bone cancer, joint disease (ACL rupture, Hip and elbow dysplasia, vascular cancer such as splenic and heart base hemangiosarcomas, obesity, diabetes, prostate disease including cancer, slow wound healing, ear, hair and skin issues. Many of the old anecdotal and confirmation biased beliefs that castration prevents or controls many behavioral, including secondary sexual characteristics such as marking, mounting, roaming, etc., and canine aggression, concerns have been debunked by evidence based studies conducted at many reputable universities both in the United States and abroad. We now better understand the negative effects of routine castration at an early age is not only detrimental to the normal development of the pet but also the longevity and serious disease (cancer, etc.) conditions we see as pet’s age. Therefore, with all of this new information and the public sentiments towards Animal Welfare concerns, our procedure helps to diminish and calm many of the issues the pet owning public have with neutering their pets in the traditional ways.

In addition, Mobile Pet Vet offers this procedure in a mobile environment and it only takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes from beginning to end. In addition, if we set up “Zeuterthon” events in local neighborhoods or at the shelters, using appropriate numbers of volunteers and Zeuterin certified individuals, we can zeuter as many as “one dog every 3 to 5 minutes”. As many as 400 dogs have been Zeutered in a single day with this program.
The number one way to control pet overpopulation concerns in Dallas and other cities across our country is to recognize the need to educate the public about how to care for a pet and what to expect when owning a pet. We must educate them to why pets should be spayed and neutered (Zeutered) and why they should and must be controlled and prevented from being allowed to roam the city streets. We begin by explaining that we correct bad behavior with proper training and we offer people an avenue to having their dogs trained. “We cannot simply disrespect the people of our communities by saying citizens don’t know how to manage their dogs, we must educate them and help them do the correct things necessary to keep our citizens and pets safe. If we mandate reproduction without education and programs to help them comply, and then simply round up their pets and euthanize them, then we are telling them they are not respected as intelligent, caring individuals. The people will do what is right and what is needed and help the community officials control the stray pet issues if we give them the knowledge and tools to do so”.

Shelter Sterilization Program for Male Dogs

Based on some information I already know about shelters in Dallas and surrounding areas and some assumed information based on other facilities that I have worked with in the past, I would offer the economic package as follows:
Based on the daily (5 day work week) assuming 50 male dog neuters per day or 250 per week, we can at least double that number to 100 male dogs per day by Zeutering them instead. We can train and certify techs to Zeuter under a single Veterinarians supervision (on premise) thus creating the ability to increase the number of daily sterilizations.
Assuming the City’s cost to perform a standard castration is currently approximately $75.00 each (inclusive of anesthesia, injectable drugs, surgical equipment usage and sterilization, supplies, tech time (including pre-surgical, surgical and post-surgical time, Vet time, etc.) Zeutering can be done for approximately $35.00 per dog (less than half).
This, based on assumed current numbers of dogs castrated, would be:
250 dogs per week at $75.00 ea. = $975,000 per year cost to the City
250 dogs per week at $35.00 ea. = $455,000 per year cost to the City (for the same number of Dogs)
This is a savings of $520,000 to the city and this money could be used to build another facility to house dogs, or spay double the females per year, or manage a transport and out of state adoption program, etc.
Also remember, you can double the number of male dogs sterilized by this method at less than half the price. Therefore, you can save an additional $520,000 per year for every 13,000 male dogs you sterilize.
You solve two or more problems at once.

Mobile Pet Vet can and does offer other services as well including all vaccination packages, microchipping, heartworm testing, online pharmacy services to our clients (including pet food and medications delivered to their door), etc. We will also offer a package that includes DNA testing for breed recognition and provide a DNA database of all registered dogs in the areas we serve, GPS QR Code identification showing owner and pet information on your smartphone via the PET CSI® app., microchipping and city registration through a cooperative effort between us and the City for a single low price. In addition, we can work with local 501c3 organizations to subsidize our programs in areas of need thus providing our services in many instances to the consumer for free.

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