Did you know Pet DNA Identification is a more effective method than microchipping?  Our at-home do it yourself test is painless and noninvasive. Are you aware DNA is an inborn trait in which it is always detectable? It doesn’t need a battery and doesn’t fail or malfunction like microchips. DNA is a biomedical standard and cannot be changed or altered. Have you ever lost your pet and didn’t have any way to track its location? Ever had your pet wrongfully ethnized due to the microchip failed or person that found your pet can’t locate the microchip? PET CSI® DNA Identification Test and Kit is the most innovative pet identification system on the market that ensures safe and affordable Pet DNA Identification.

PET CSI® offers a Pet DNA & GPS QR Code Identification service that provides a number benefits to pet owners such as accurately identifying your pet with certified DNA proof when found alive or deceased. Your pet is unique and so is its DNA, pet DNA identification tells you WHO your pet is. It also offers access to the universal Pet DNA Database either through our mobile app found in the Apple Store or Google Play or online at This can be extremely resourceful in the event your pet’s microchip malfunctions or fail and prevents wrongful euthanasia. Pet DNA Identification is noninvasive and painless and does not need a battery or wand that is used to scan and locate an electronic microchip somewhere inside a pet. Pet DNA Identification is more reliable, accurate and even more affordable than microchipping.

In each DNA Test we provide our ingenuous lost and found GPS QR Code Tracking Tag technology which can assist you locate your pet quickly in the event they are lost or found. In the event your pet is lost and someone finds your pet they can scan your GPS QR Code Pet ID Tag with any smartphone or QR reader. Once the GPS QR Code Tag has been scanned and the unique 8 digit number is entered 2 things will happen.

1st - The person scanning the GPS QR Code ID Tag will see only the pet owners Emergency Contact Information provided in the pets Digital ID Card.

2nd - The pet owner will receive a push notification via the PET CSI® mobile app and an email that will alert them that their pet is lost and someone has scanned the GPS QR Code ID Pet Tag. The GPS coordinates and map location of where the GPS QR Code Pet ID Tag was scanned will be sent to the pet owner.

PET CSI® is the Ultimate Biotech Pet Identification System!

Once you order your PET CSI® DNA Identification Test you can then create your pet’s profile in the PET DNA DATABASE using the PET CSI® mobile app or at

Return All Samples To Our Laboratory:
400 N. ERVAY STREET #130815
DALLAS, TX 75313-0815

NOTE: Results will not be mailed or emailed. You must create an account with PET CSI®. Your account must be approved in order to access your results either from the PET CSI® website or mobile app.


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