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Red Cross 4 Rover

PET CSI® has selected RedCross 4 Rover as its "Charity of Choice" and will support this innovative organization through volunteer initiatives & philanthropic assistance towards their overall goals.  RedCross 4 Rover believes in the "Paw It Forward" approach! Pets around the world are facing a number of issues, through RedCross 4 Rover we plan to bring public awareness and financial support to some of these issues. RedCross 4 Rover is a pet and animal advocacy organization, seeking ethical and humane treatment and care for pets and animals. Through some unique marketing techniques and events along with our innovative technology partners we plan to use our combined resources in assisting with the prevention of animal cruelty, dog fighting, puppy mills, poaching and help increase pet adoption rates globally. Our goal is to assist with improving the health and wellness of our pets. As part of one the largest animal DNA testing laboratory systems in the world, our partners provide forensic DNA testing service to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as well as the general public.

Pets & Animals can be the Victim

Animal cruelty
* Identifying the remains of a lost pet
* Theft of an animal

Pets & Animals can be the Perpetrator
* Identification of an animal involved in an attack on a person or other animal
* Identification of an unrestrained animal causing an accident
* Identification of an animal responsible for property damage

Pets & Animals can be the Witness
* Animal DNA can link a suspect with a crime scene or victim. Transfer of DNA from hair, saliva, blood, urine, or feces can occur during the commission of a crime—from the victim’s pet to the suspect or crime scene, and from the suspect’s pet to the victim or crime scene.

DNA Identification & Registration
* Protect your pet and protect yourself in case of emergencies by storing your pets DNA for Forensics.
* Pet DNA Identification can be used to assist health and wellness of your pet
* City pet registration will keep you in compliance with local and state laws 

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