PET CSI® Pet DNA Swab Kit

PET CSI® offers an at-home certified do-it-yourself pet DNA identification and registration testing service that provides a number benefits to pet owners such as accurately identifying your pet with certified DNA proof when found. We also test for infectious diseases such as Canine Influenza. Our ingenuous lost and found QR Code Tracking technology helps you find your pet quickly in the event they are lost. We also offer genetic testing, pure, mixed and designer breed analysis and so much more. Once you order your identification kit you can then create your pet’s profile in the PET DNA REGISTRY.

$50 Per Pet Includes Swab Processing & Identifcation Kit

PET CSI® Pet DNA Identification Kit Includes:

  • 1 Unique DNA QR Code Tag

QR Tag

  • 2 DNA Identification Swabs


  • Return Envelope

pet csi - owners info card return envelope PROOF-page-001

  • Instructions

pet csi - owners info card flyer 4x9 PROOF-page-002pet csi - owners info card flyer 4x9 PROOF-page-001

$25 each

Amount: USD