Pet DNA Database


The Pet DNA Database is a secure software application that stores pet DNA profiles. We are the 1st and only international Pet DNA Database that uses biotechnology to identify and track pets. Our system is universal unlike microchips and DNA never fails nor does it need a scanning wand or battery. The Pet DNA Database provides pet owners, pet organizations, non-profits, city governments and managed communities the ability to manage and track pet’s identification, breed type and predisposition genetic healthcare. Pet owners gain access to the Pet DNA Database either through our website or our innovative mobile app. Pet owners also gain access to a number of ingenious benefits that can extend and/or improve the overall health of their pet utilizing DNA which is then stored in the Pet DNA Database. Pet owners now have at their fingertips a way to show proof of ownership, city pet registration, breed analysis and vaccination records by accessing the Pet DNA Database. We offer this Pet DNA Database through collaborative partnerships and we place collective measures to ensure our clients ranging from pet owners to national pet organizations to federal law enforcement agencies pet related data is secure using some of the most sophisticated cyber security methods in the world.

Pet Owners

Our 3 in 1 DNA Test Provides: Identification, Breed Analysis, Predisposition Genetic Healthcare & Comes With GPS QR Code Lost & Found Tracking

Property Management

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