PET CSI® Difference

PET CSI® Difference

PET CSI® has been called, “The “CSI of the Four-Legged World,” and is the nation’s first laboratory dedicated to animal DNA profiling. It’s because we conduct animal-related forensic tests as rigorously as any lab dealing with human DNA. Simply put, through the PET CSI® laboratory DNA from pets and animals is used to help solve a variety of crimes — from Matching The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop to burglaries and animal abuse to sexual assault and even murder cases. Since 1955 our lab has been the pioneer in pet and animal DNA forensics and invented several innovative uses for Pet DNA including “Turning Poop Into Profits” for city governments and property management firms world-wide. Our core business focuses on DNA identification profiling, breed analysis, predisposition genetic healthcare testing. Our ingenious GPS/QR code ID pet and animal tracking tags compliments our DNA services making PET CSI® the ultimate biotech tool for pets. We store this information for our clients in the 1st and only international Pet DNA Database that is superior to any microchip database technology in the world.

The Pet DNA Database provides city animal registration agencies, veterinarians, animal advocacy businesses, property managers and pet owners easy and secure global access to identify a pet through DNA and GPS/QR Code biotechnology. We not only compete with the microchip industry as a noninvasive and painless identification system we are also superior to it in that DNA never fails and doesn’t need a wand or battery to operate. With a simple cheek swab, hair fiber or blood sample identification of a pet can be matched to an owner of a pet weather it's alive or deceased. Our lab works closely with animal law enforcement agencies all over the world in assisting with solving crimes whereas pets or animals may been involved. Our lab has been the industry leader and sets the standards for DNA forensics in animal cruelty cases, dog bite cases, assault and murder cases where pets or animals may be present.

We understand imitation is the best form of flattery however our system provides direct benefits to pet owners unlike the unlicensed, non-certified and non-accredited dog poop franchise competitors that is clearly placing property management firms in legal liability with their pet owner residents. The dog poop franchise is notorious for theft of concepts and ideas and attempting to profit from it by creating smoke and mirror distribution channels, pushy sales pitches and fake news articles verses becoming a legal, board certified forensic veterinarian firm. Instead they take shortcuts, used deceptive trade practices and use unethical and deceptive sales techniques to divert customers from doing their own due diligence.  They were recently in a federal lawsuit with one of the largest DNA agencies for theft. They also have several pending lawsuits with former franchisees and property management firms.

The dog poop franchise competitors are one dimensional and only offer one service using dog DNA. Due to their limited ability and non-forensic designation they must spread false rumors and produce fake press releases to gain market share and now they are selling non-licensed franchises in order to push their fraudulent business model verses ensuring pet owners safety. They offer little to no benefits to pet owners and lack the ability to test cats. Their pricing is much higher and equipment is substandard and is not veterinary board approved. The competitors have a history of deceptive trade practices hence the multiple lawsuits filed against them and now they are being investigated in over a dozen states for fraudulent franchises and distributorships which will presumably lead to a class action lawsuit increasing liability risk for property management firms and pet owners alike into their deception. They are now attempting to lay claim they invented the DNA pet waste matching service when our lab has been doing this it since 1955 and even on their own website they mention they only got started 2008 and only location as early as last year got started. It is unconscionable to think that a multimillion dollar property management or even a city government or private park commission would consider using a firm that has a long track history of lawsuits surrounding theft of pet DNA intellectual property. With so many pending lawsuits and a class action one looming we can only state buyer beware.

What if your residents knew your management firm is considering or is using a firm with a track record such as this? What if pet owner citizens in your community knew your city council or local park commission board were considering the dog poop franchise whom has been order by a federal judge to stop stealing intellectual property? Ask them how long have then been testing cats. Ask them to produce their American Society Crime Lab Directors Certification in Pet or Animal DNA Forensics. Ask them to show proof of pet DNA Lab Accreditation to test pets. Don’t allow them to show you some paid annual subscription certification coupon that is granted by any firm that will pay for it. Ask them about being sued by the leader in Pet DNA Breed analysis for copy right infringement and theft of Pet Breed Testing service and now being sued for copyright infringement of the dog poop matching. They are notorious for these deceptive and unethical business practices hence the reason they are now losing clients who have started switching to PET CSI® and multiple franchisees have not filed lawsuits due to the firm is not set up as a franchisor with the FTC. Over a dozen of their former franchisees have now contacted PET CSI® in an attempt to join our organization. Property managers before you consider using a dog poop franchise ask yourself these questions: Would you allow your pet owner’s pets to be tested by a firm known for dishonest pet DNA testing and theft intellectual property?

The Clear differences are we are about Pets not just dog waste. We are more affordable and offer property managers the best zero to no cost solution to pet waste pollution. Our program is geared towards placing the power of pet waste management and pet management in the hands of our clients. We are not trying to sell franchises which will only hinder or alter the chain of custody process in DNA analysis plus we would not risk our certification and accreditations to pooper scoopers now claiming they are DNA experts. We are not a get rich quick scheme dog poop franchise with no benefits to pet owners. We operate out of a federally certified and accredited veterinarian laboratory staffed by board certified scientist and veterinarians. Unlike the competitions neither of them have these credentials nor plan to due to they are only in it for the quick buck. Cities and property management firms spend millions on developing communities and parks for their residents and the last thing anyone would want to be worried about is giving them access to your residents to a non-certified laboratories to have access to their pet owner’s pets. Pet owners pay top dollar to rent in some of these luxurious communities and spare no expense on the health and care of their extended family member and surely do not want the DNA Identification being placed in the hands of a firm notoriously know for copyright infringement and operating out of a once car supply strip mall location or home garage.

Our history shows we are the first to bring Pet DNA Waste Matching for Dogs and Cats to the national attention and gained the first national property management firm in Dallas Texas. In partnership with the University of California who has been able to do this since 1955 but not until our founder, Cedric Moses who invented PET CSI®, policies and procedures to implement DNA on a retail or commercial level pet waste management was never something you could enforce.

We have solved serious crimes where pets have been involved either as a victim or providing evidence. Ask your dog poop matching firm have they solved one crime including dog poop matching in a court of law? Wouldn’t you like to provide your pet owners with the extra added benefit of knowing that if they or their pet was involved in a crime the likely hood of it being solved increases with a firm such as PET CSI® that is qualified to provide these services. These are just a few reasons why PET CSI® is different than our competitors. Review our chart below for a few more reasons to choose PET CSI® #1 solution to pet waste pollution and so much more.