Biotechnology Matches Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop; P.E.T.CSI™brand Exposes Copycats

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World Wide Web – August 14, 2015 P.E.T.CSI™brand is the brainchild of Cedric Moses who introduced his idea over five years ago, and holds a patent for the Pet DNA Identity Process using both QR code and DNA biotechnologies together.  Moseshas been successful in setting up animal DNA analysis at a number of America’s top properties and property management firms across the country and even internationally. The parent company EConcierge Solutions, held numerous high level relationships with top property management firms for more than a decade. This was the open door to introduce the new biotechnology to theclientsat EConcierge.

The University of California, one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in the United States, has been using DNA to identify petssince 1955and now with advancements in technology even solve murders using pet DNA.  UC partnered with P.E.T. CSI™ assisting with pet DNA lab results for commercial applications provided by P.E.T. CSI™. Through this unique partnership they are the first to use thistechnology to “Match The Poop To Who Didn’tScoop” within managed communities such as apartment complexes and even entire cities under an accredited and certified veterinarylaboratory.The other DNA dog poop firms are claiming they invented the technology when in fact they didn’t, plus they do not hold any patents in the DNA identification or QR Code biotechnology field based on our research. These now competitors of P.E.T. CSI™ are limited to dogs only and are not an accredited or certified pet veterinarian laboratory.

“I believe my initial novice nature in business and eagerness to solve a problemfor my clients and city I live in, blinded me.  I saw a problem and an opportunity to solve it. I approached the initial DNA lab relationship without doing the proper due diligence and EConceirge was subsequently used for their contacts and experiencein the multifamily industry by theirpresent competitor.” Moses goes on to state. “They kept it a secret from us and all the clients we introduced them to. They didn’t invent breed testing. Nor can they do it. Nor can they sell it. Nor did they invent pet waste matching.”The firm was sued by Mars for copyright patent infringementas we discovered and Moses states; “Looks like they are up to their old tricks again.I guess it’s true what they say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

By our accounts Moses is responsible for most, if not all the apartment complexes, condos and single family communities from 2009 to early 2013 in the US under the old DNA brand. Most, if not all, havealready converted over to the P.E.T. CSI™ brand.

Here is a brief client list wefound that was first introduced to Pet DNA Analysis by Cedric Moses & P.E.T. CSI™ include:

Multifamily Property Management Clients

1.      Ilume Management

2.      UAH Management

3.      Greystar Property Management

4.      Riverstone Property Management

5.      PMI Property Management

6.      Carleton Property

7.      Lincoln Property Company

8.      BH Management

Homeowners Association

1.      Fist Services

2.      WorthRoss Management

Municipalities & City Government

1.      Trinity River Stormwater Dept.          Dallas Texas

Moses responded, “I actually welcome the competition in the DNA poop match arena.” With the Genetic and Forensic Lab at UC supporting him the competition needs to look out.  He further states it took him 2 years to convince apartment complex developers and management firms that his idea would even work. Prior to that it took another year to find the right lab partnership and to now have others copying off this idea is very humbling to me. Its dog poop at the end of the day. The health and wellness concern for the city and its residents are more important task for Moses and his team.

Moses has persevered through unethical business practices and personal attacks from his competitors.  His brand seems to offer more innovative services and resourceful tools for pet owners and pet communities and with a new mobile app on the horizon, it doesn’t look like anything will stop Cedric Moses and P.E.T. CSI™ from becoming a worldwide house hold name.

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