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Congratulations and thank you for selecting PET CSI® as your pet’s high-tech pet parenting tool. PET CSI® is the only universal Pet DNA Database that is certified and accredited. Pet DNA Identification tells you exactly who your pet is similar to a microchip but provides more detail to the pet owner, nearly zero fail rate unlike microchips, its painless and doesn’t need a battery unlike microchips. Pet Breed Analysis tells you what breed(s) are found within your pets DNA. Pet Predisposition Genetic Healthcare provides preventive pet care information that can prolong your pets life. Now for the first time pet owners can obtain all this information plus a cool GPS QR Code ID Tag for tracking your pet in the event it becomes lost all in one simple kit, the PET CSI® 3 in 1 DNA Test.

Our Pet DNA Test Provides: Identification, Breed Analysis, Predisposition Genetic Healthcare & Comes With GPS QR Code Lost & Found Tracking.

- Have 100% positive proof of your pet alive or deceased.
- Come with a mobile app with a ton of cool useful features
- GPS Tracking, Pet Concierge and Vital Records Storage
- Prevent wrongful euthanasia when microchips fail
- Prevent false claims of dog bites and false accusation o/f pet waste
- Complimentary & an alternative to microchipping without all the harmful side effects.

NOTE: PET CSI® provides results through our online Pet DNA Database system only. We do not mail or email results. We will send out push notifications via our mobile app or email notifications indicating your results are available. Please request an account after purchasing a kit. Once approved you can then create your pet owner and pet(s) profile. Once your profile is created you can then access your results once they are available.
Results are available only through our Pet DNA Database accessible online or via mobile app. Results should be available within 3 to 4 weeks after they received in the laboratory. Results may take longer depending on breed types.