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Turning Poop Into Profits For Managed Communities

P.E.T.CSI® provides immediate ancillary income to managed communities by enforcing Pet Waste Policies and Code Compliance Laws.  P.E.T. CSI® patented DNA & QR Code Technology System identifies violators through the only pet DNA system developed and maintained by a certified and accredited veterinary laboratory.


P.E.T. CSI® is a profit-center for properties and their management firms through the only state certified and accredited veterinarian laboratory for Pet DNA identification and Registration test.


P.E.T. CSI® provides added protection against possible insurance liabilities surrounding pet management and pet waste altercations.


Breed Restricted Communities utilize the Wisdom Panel Breed DNA Analysis system to identify aggressive breeds that can increase insurance liability premiums for management firms and multifamily property owners.


Property managers & property owners have used the revenue created by P.E.T.CSI® to fund and improve resident amenities which improves retention.


We provide you with (2) Options in order to get started with P.E.T.CSI®


Option #1 

Our Subscription Based Program starts @ $1.00 per unit/door and provides all the benefits listed below on a monthly term for the life of the program on the property. To get started only pay a $699.95 setup fee, return the executed proposal and we will ship you your Starter Kits and we will assist you with every step in setting up your location with P.E.T. CSI®

  • Unlimited P.E.T. CSI® DNA Collection Kits

  • Unlimited P.E.T. CSI® Waste Sample Collection Kits

  • No Charge for No Match Fecal Samples

  • Maintenance-Free P.E.T. CSI® Database Software

  • Laboratory analysis fees waived

  • Registration fees waived

  • Notification, amendment, resolution, and pet policy templates

  • P.E.T. CSI® program step-by-step instructions

  • P.E.T CSI® program instructional videos

  • Discounted rates on products and services


 Option #2

P.E.T. CSI® DNA & QR Code Starter Kits Cost $699.95.  This covers 50 pets DNA Swab Equipment, 50 QR Code Tags, 3 Fecal Collection Kits, Online Access, Resident Notification Letters and Leasing Addendums.


DNA Swab Process Test of 50 dogs at $39.95 per pet = cost $1,997.50. Increase or add a property Pet Registration Fee or Pet Deposit Fee by $50 to $100 each pet to offset the initial $39.95 DNA Swab Processing Test and Starter Kit cost.  This is additional  RESIDUAL revenue that can be for the management firm or property ownership.  P.E.T. CSI® DNA Registration & Identification Process justifies Pet Deposits & Monthly Pet Rents and pays for itself.


There are (3) Three Fecal Collection Processing Kits that come inside each P.E.T. CSI® Starter Kit. Our Fecal Processing Fee is $150.00. Property Managers administer fines to each pet owners an average of $350* the first violation plus the cost of the DNA Swab Test if it was not taken initial totaling $400. Property Mangers could earn $4,800** additionally each year if this happens 3 times per quarter. Subtract the initial Starter Kit Cost and DNA Swab Processing and you have recouped your initial investment even if you are opposed to increasing pet deposit or pet rents.

*Amounts will vary by community’s pet policy and quantity purchased

**This number reflects 3 Fecal Collection Per Quarter.

***We offer discounts for bulk orders


Other Options 

2.  You could contract P.E.T. CSI® Pooper Scooper 2.0 Service.

That comes to $8,000-$12,000 every year property management or ownership will pay.  Most pooper scooper service firms charge on average about $150 to $350 a week to service the average 250 unit multifamily property.  By being able to now administer a pet waste fine of $350+ for violating your pet waste policy the very first violator pays for the weekly pooper scooper service.  P.E.T. CSI® Pooper Scooper 2.0 can provide the initial clean-up for FREE*, P.E.T. CSI® Pooper Scooper 2.0 Service collects and labels all Fecal Samples during weekly clean-ups helping you “Turn Poop Into Profits”!


3.  You could install more No Poop Zone Signs and more poop bag stations not to mention the bags for the stations cost?


4.  You could install security cameras.

At $200-$300 per unit, plus the cost and time needed to monitor the video, this option does not make financial sense.


You could implement P.E.T.CSI® and “Set It & Forget It”


That would be a one-time only charge, and your problem is solved permanently.


How do you track program success?


Follow the $$ – money from fines are used to fund a concierge service, self-service pet wash stations, and other on-site amenities for all of your residents.


On-site manager will notice reduction in pet waste in common areas and around their dog park.


Visitors and future residents notice as well and admire a Poopless Community.


No longer receives complaints from current residents.


On-site manager uses P.E.T.CSI® as a selling point for the community and will see new leases because of the program.


Equipped with Leasing Addendum’s on-site manager have advocated to the corporate level of property management firm that P.E.T.CSI™ should be implemented at all properties making it part of their “DNA”.


P.E.T.CSI® offers so many benefits to pet owners including City Registration Assistance and document storage, Medical Records Storage and Photo Upload. P.E.T.CSI™ also offers pet genetic and breed analysis for pet owners and property managers.


Breed analysis can be used as part of company policy to check all breeds in case they fall in the breed restricted guidelines.  The average dog bite claim in the US is $300,000.  Property managers and multifamily owners are becoming more proactive on identifying aggressive breeds with so many pets populating multifamily housing units. This is a huge savings and takes the guess work out of identifying a potentially expensive insurance liability.


P.E.T. CSI® is not only the solution to your pet waste problem it’s the best deterrent irresponsible pet owners and “Poopertrators” along with offering superior benefits for Property Management Firm, Multifamily Owners and Pet Owners!

“We Match The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop”

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