To fully utilize the power of DNA testing, all dogs in the community or complex must be sampled to create your community’s Pet DNA Database. DNA samples are collected using a cheek swab provided by PET CSI®. Those swabs are sent back to our lab for testing where each pet’s DNA profile is kept permanently. When a pile of pet waste is discovered, it is collected using our Pet Waste Collection kit and sent to the laboratory for identification. Result are provided in 7 to 14 business days.

The initial cost for DNA profiling each pet for the database is between $25.00 to $30.00 and can be assessed by the property manager to the pet owner. When a pile is tested for matching to an individual, the cost is $50.00. The manager pays for the cost of testing and then charges the owner once they are identified. The cost of testing and the peer pressure when any offender is identified have proven to be a very strong deterrent. On average our property managers charge a fine of $200 plus the cost of the pile matching test of $50.00. We have also seen an increase in pet deposits and pet rents to cover the initial $25.00 to 30.00 for the initial DNA swab.

While the test are the same, more time and expense are involved in preparing a pet waste sample as opposed to a swab sample to get it ready for testing. The safeguards and additional documentation applied by the lab’s Forensic Unit are necessary for court proceedings and add to the cost. The cost can also be attributed to you results being delivered by a certificated and accredited laboratory.

That means the offender isn’t in the database yet. It could be a visitor to the area or someone who didn’t contribute a sample when required. There is still a fee for testing the pile, but the unknown profile will remain in the database, and a match will be identified later if the depositor ever contributes a cheek swab sample. There is no fee to retest any samples we find no matches for on the initial test.

We also recommend sending solid samples. Do not collect pet waste that is liquid or has visible mold. If not shipping same day we recommend refrigerate until shipping. These suggestions will increase the longevity of the DNA sample.

Since the apartment management or community board directly pays for the testing, they own the profiles. Profiles will be removed from the database at their request. If a pet owner moves to another facility with the same policy, they do not need to re-sample their pet as long as the original client approves use of the profile on record.

No, you can send as many or as few samples as you want.

Yes. There is a $1.00 per door maintenance fee for property management. This fee offers discount testing pricing. This fee allows the admin and pet owner access to Pet DNA Database. Equipment cost are waived. Retesting cost are waived to any no match test. This fee also stores all important registration and veterinary document on each pet.

Request a customized quote. Create an account with PET CSI®. Once approved and you receive your Pet DNA Test Kit you can begin testing all the pets in your community. Register all your pets online in the Pet DNA Database before mailing your samples. You will receive a certificate of each pets DNA profile in 7 to 14 business days. Once you find Pet Waste collect it using our Pet Waste Collection Kit. Upload the collection kit form information into the Pet DNA Database and return the samples to our lab. Results are sent within 7 to 14 business days.


  • No microchip standards or regulations in the U.S.
  • No central microchip database in the U.S.
  • Microchips can fail due to scanning and human error.
  • Microchips become undetectable due to animal struggle, matted fur and metal collars.
  • Failed detection can lead to euthanasia at shelters.
  • Microchips can lead to health problems such as cancerous tumors, infection and hair loss.
  • DNA is a biological “standard” and cannot be changed or altered by any manufacturer.
  • DNA registration is cost effective at around $30.00 per dog.
  • The DNA World Pet Registry is a centralized database,
  • DNA analysis does not fail like electronic devices.
  • DNA can be found in saliva, fur, feces, skin, and blood.
  • DNA is obtained via a non-invasive cheek swab with no pain to the animal.


  • Positive proof of ownership through DNA technology.
  • QR Code Pet Registertion for instant verification of City registration and ownership.
  • Innovative PET CSI® GPS QR Code Pet ID Tag System
  • Keeps down confrontation with neighbors being accused and wrongfully accused of not scooping the poop.
  • Breed Identification through DNA
  • Lost and Found service through DNA and QR Code technology.
  • International Database linkage through ASPCA, SPCA, The Humane Society, federal, state and local agencies lost and found system.
  • Pet Medical Information storage space.
  • A pet genetic profile for each pet registered.
  • Photo storage for pictures of your pet.
  • Resident retention rates increase because all tenants, dog owners and non-pet owners alike, enjoy their cleaner and greener neighborhood.
  • Pet waste will be reduced immediately after registering pets on the property.
  • PET CSI® is a no cost solution for property management when utilizing a portion of the resident’s pet fee.
  • PET CSI® provides undeniable accountability and is easy to implement with your residents.
  • Pet policy amendments, leasing agreement addendum’s and notification emails to send to your residents are provided to you.
  • We DNA test dogs and cats.
  • We assist managed communities that have breed restrictions by testing all pets prior to move in.
  • When your property enrolls in PET CSI® all of your residents are assured that they and their children will seldom encounter pet waste on the premises.

PET CSI® is a profit-center for properties and their management firms. Property managers have used the revenue created by PET CSI® to fund new on-site amenities.

You could contract an outside pooper scooper service, which comes to $8,000-$12,000 per year. You could install security cameras at $450-$750 per unit not to mention the time it takes to review all the footage or hire a poop security officer. Or you could implement PET CSI® for $30 or less per pet. Property Managers charge at a minimum $150 for DNA Registrations. To offset our Pet Waste Test of $50.00 property managers charge at a minimum $350 for a Pet Waste Violation.

Money from fines is used to fund our pet wellness mobile services, our pet wash stations, and other on-site amenities. Properties have seen a visibly noticeable reduction in pet waste in common areas; Visitors and future residents notice as well. The on-site manager uses PET CSI® as a selling point to future and existing residents.

The EPA places pet waste in the same health category as oil and toxic chemicals. They estimate that a 20 mile water shed can be closed from only 2 or 3 days of droppings from a 100-pet community. Of course animals are in nature, but are not concentrated the way we’ve concentrated our pets in most cities. In a typical water source, up to 20% of the bacteria isolates that could be matched to a source were matched to pets.

Each dog is unique and therefore their feces can be matched with 99.9% accuracy city-wide. Our suggested model for the operational aspects of a City, County, or State Government participating in the PET CSI® program is to pass an ordinance requiring all dogs be registered or licensed with the city, county, or state.

Each dog is enrolled on our DNA Pet Database. This secure online tool provides the city with a digital tracking system for all licensed/registered dogs. Once the system is in place, PET CSI® can analyze any feces and match to a licensed/registered dog. Our system then notifies the city and also the dog owner at the same time. We can also notify them of the fine, if the city intends to levy one. This system will improve your cities environment including water supply at the same time give Code Enforcement Officers the tools needed to enforce the laws and ordinances currently in place. Contact us today if you would like to have your city enrolled in PET CSI®.

Property Managers and Owners are being left with the blame and fines by City Ordnance Patrol. Your property could be given a fine for poop left behind by one of your residents. This is increasing in all cities due to the enforcement of the law. Through its partnership PET CSI® is the only pet DNA analysis system regulated by The Texas Department of Public Safety, Certified and Accredited by ASCLD.

Insurance Companies have been consulting with DNA forensic firms to as DNA as a tool that could lower Premiums for renters and property management firms.  Dog bites cases are becoming more and more frequent.  DNA is a very accurate tool that can confirm or not confirm a dog bite.  This is very important to dog bite victims, pet owners, property managers and insurance firms.