PET CSI® – is the most innovative Pet DNA Database biotechnology on the market and is the Next Big Thing in the Pet Industry. We provide assistance to pet owners, city governments, and property managers with a turnkey solution to pet waste pollution. That’s right “We Match The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop” and “Turn Poop Into Profits”. Although pet waste is not an ideal source of DNA identification, our forensic division developed a system that can overcome problems commonly encountered with pet waste testing to make sure that your results are accurate, reproducible and can hold up in court.

Our laboratory is the 1st and only system developed and maintained by a certified and accredited DNA genetic laboratory. Our laboratory is responsible for solving crimes such as dog fighting, puppy mills, assault and battery against humans and even murder. Our lab has been used in several international cases to help solve serious crimes against humans where pet(s) have been present.

We bring a level of added protection to pet communities that can’t be matched and now directly to pet owners. The PET CSI® Pet DNA Identification & Breed Registration Test is our most innovative retail product to date. This revolutionary product provides Pet DNA Identification, Breed Analysis and Predisposition Genetic Healthcare Test. Our kits also come complete with our ingenious GPS QR Code ID Tags that assist pet owners find their lost pets.

We have the most comprehensive pet DNA products and services on the markets and that presents several great opportunities for Affiliate re-sellers. If you decided to join our team and become an Affiliate you can resell our services and products and earn revenue from direct sales to: Pet Owners, Retail Stores, Property Managers, City Governments and Adoption Centers and Rescue Centers.

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Our home-based business has already revolutionized the pet industry and multifamily industry. All pets should be registered in accordance with humane custody of pets, which brings an added level of protection to both pet communities and owners.
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