Each dog is unique and therefore their feces can be matched with 99.9% accuracy city-wide. Our suggested model for the operational aspects of a City, County, or State Government participating in the PET CSI® program is to pass an ordinance requiring all dogs be registered or licensed with the city, county, or state.

Each dog is enrolled on our DNA Pet Registry. This secure online tool provides the city with a digital tracking system for all licensed/registered dogs. Once the system is in place, PET CSI® can analyze any feces and match to a licensed/registered dog. Our system then notifies the city and also the dog owner at the same time. We can also notify them of the fine, if the city intends to levy one. This system will improve your cities environment including water supply at the same time give Code Enforcement Officers the tools needed to enforce the laws and ordinances currently in place. Contact us today if you would like to have your city enrolled in PET CSI®.

Property Managers and Owners are being left with the blame and fines by City Ordnance Patrol. Your property could be given a fine for poop left behind by one of your residents. This is increasing in all cities due to the enforcement of the law. Through its partnership PET CSI® is the only pet DNA analysis system regulated by The Texas Department of Public Safety, Certified and Accredited by ASCLD.

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