• Positive proof of ownership through DNA technology.

  • QR Code Pet Registertion for instant verification of City registration and ownership.

  • Innovative PET CSI® GPS QR Code Pet ID Tag System

  • Keeps down confrontation with neighbors being accused and wrongfully accused of not scooping the poop.

  • Breed Identification through DNA

  • Lost and Found service through DNA and QR Code technology.

  • International Database linkage through ASPCA, SPCA, The Humane Society, federal, state and local agencies lost and found system.

  • Pet Medical Information storage space.

  • A pet genetic profile for each pet registered.

  • Photo storage for pictures of your pet.

  • Resident retention rates increase because all tenants, dog owners and non-pet owners alike, enjoy their cleaner and greener neighborhood.

  • Pet waste will be reduced  immediately after registering pets on the property.

  • PET CSI® is a no cost solution for property management when utilizing a portion of the resident’s pet fee.

  • PET CSI® provides undeniable accountability and is easy to implement with your residents.

  • Pet policy amendments, leasing agreement addendum’s and notification emails to send to your residents are provided to you.

  • We DNA test dogs and cats

  • We assist managed communities that have breed restrictions by testing all pets prior to move in.

When your property enrolls in PET CSI® all of your residents are assured that they and their children will seldom encounter pet waste on the premises.

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