DNA Could Lower Premiums for renters and property management firms.

We have found that properties that offer no pet restrictions have a higher insurance premiums than those properties that have pet restrictions.  We offer a breed test that can identify the six (9) most common restricted breeds.

Insurance firms are now using DNA to prove or disprove insurance claims of pet bites using DNA Pet Bite Forensics another service we provide.

“Apparently a person was shot after a year long battle with a unit owner in a condominium complex over their pet pit bull. Allegedly, the dog was urinating, and it was dripping down into another unit owner’s area. Whatever the allegations are, or who was right and who was wrong, someone is dead.” How does this affect the insurance? Could this have been prevented if the City Code Officers had tools to catch violators? What is your city doing to insure this doesn’t happen again? 

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