1. Positive proof of ownership through DNA technology.

2. Innovative QR Code Pet Tag information storage.

3. Pet Registration Assistance for Cities and Managed Communities

4. QR Code technology for instant verification of city registration.

5. No more wrongful accusations of not scooping the poop.

6. Keeps down confrontation with neighbors.

7. Cuts down on city fines for pooper scooper violations

8. Breed Identification through DNA Testing Results.

9. Helps with breed restricted communities.

10. Dog Bite Forensics

11. Top Rated Pet Insurance Assistance

12. Lost and Found service through DNA and QR Code Pet Tag technology.

13. High-Tech noninvasive QR Code Pet Tag Tracking System.

14. International partnerships with ASPCA, SPCA, The Humane Society.

15. Assist federal, state and local agencies stop puppy mills & dog fighting.

16. Pet medical information storage space.

17. Accredited by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

18. Accredited Veterinary Laboratory under the ASCLD/LAB-International program.

19. Court Approved pet DNA analysis services.

20. Assist city code compliance offices collect pooper scooper violator fines.

21. Assisted in solving crimes against humans.

22. Photo storage for a picture of your pet.

23. Pet DNA HOA policies & multifamily lease addendums provided.

24. All tenants enjoy a cleaner and greener neighborhood.

25. Pet waste will be reduced by 75% – 100% almost immediately.

26. Profit sharing model makes it a no cost solution for property managers.

27. Undeniable accountability and easy to implement with your residents.

28. Pet policy roll-out documents and match notification emails provided.

29. Access to P.E.T. CSI® Concierge Services.

30. High-Tech Pet DNA Registration System for pet shelters & municipalities.

31. Enforcement tool for pet municipal laws; Poop Scooper & Pet Registration.