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PET CSI® has been called, “The “CSI of the Four-Legged World,” and is a partner with the nation’s first laboratory dedicated to animal DNA profiling. It’s because they conduct animal-related forensic tests as rigorously as any lab dealing with human DNA.  Simply put, through the PET CSI® partnership DNA from animals is used to help solve a variety of crimes — from Matching The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop to burglaries and animal abuse to sexual assault and even murder cases. They analyze crime scene evidence that, decades ago, might have been overlooked by detectives. Today, investigators automatically collect any animal fur or hairs, feces, urine stains and tissue samples found at a crime scene. They also take mouth swabs from pets to defend their owners against attackers. We also provide a number of benefits that will assist pet owners with providing DNA information that may extend the life and improve the health of their pet through preventive measures that DNA testing may reveal.  PET CSI® also assists pet owners and cities through our innovation registration system which encourages responsible pet ownership and helps in case of lost or stolen pets.


With our PET CSI® DNA & QR Code Management System you can store photo(s) and important documents such as city registration and vaccination documents. PET CSI® also gives you and your pet added protection in the event your pet is lost or stolen. In the fortunate event your pet is found someone can scan the QR Code on the back of the PET CSI® QR Code Tag, input the 8 digit number and contact the pet owner or leave information as to where the pet owner may retrieve their pet.


PET CSI® eliminates pet waste on the grounds of your apartment, condo, managed community, parks and city forever through DNA technology. That’s right “We Match The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop”. For only $1.00 Per Door/Unit our Subscription Model Pricing provides you unlimited protection from “Poopertrators” and offers a number of important benefits to your community and pet owners.   PET CSI® (Pet Excrement Testing) system is the World’s 1st pet management system developed and validated by an accredited and certified genetic laboratory.  PET CSI® is the pet technology of the future and the only one of its kind designed for felines (cats) and canines (dogs) with managed communities in mind. We assist managed community residents and municipalities with City Pet Registrations.  Our partners have been instrumental in solving animal cruelty cases as well as assault and murder cases against humans who either owned a pet or a pet was present during the crime. PET CSI® and its partners are internationally recognized for their expertise of animal parentage verification, DNA profiling identification, pet forensic services, and genetic disease testing, along with mixed and pure breed pet analysis.  With our innovative QR Code Pet Tag System, pet owners can store and update pet data such as photos, contact information, city registration information, and medical information and it offers a cutting edge tracking solution for lost or stolen pets.


Through our Virtual Pet Education™ courses we offer a subscription base model on topics ranging from “Living With Your Dog In A Shared Community”, “Dog Bite Safety”, “Leash Laws” and “Dog Barking”. We offer either in-person consultation or online seminars for dog owners, utility workers, postal carriers, insurance personnel, law enforcement and property management individuals.  Virtual Pet Education™ Courses for Shared Community e-learning programs are  designed to teach your tenants everything you want them to know about being a responsible dog owner.  We understand your concerns about pet’s living in shared communities and created Virtual Pet Education™ courses to assist you educate your community about your pet policies.


One in three animals will go missing in its lifetime, according to American Humane Association. If an animal reaches a shelter, 25% will be returned to their original families, 25% will be “re-homed” to new families, and 50% will sadly never exit the shelter alive.  PET CSI® QR Code Lost & Found Tracker Tags assist pet owners living in managed communities with retrieving their extended family member faster.


PET CSI® is the pet technology of the future and the only one of its kind designed for felines (cats) and canines (dogs) with managed communities in mind. Now you know why PET CSI® is the #1 Choice in Pet DNA Management Systems in the World!  PET CSI® helps keep the environment clean and adds a superior level of protection for pets and pet owners through DNA & QR Code Technology. “Turning Poop In Profits” isn’t all we do! Thanks again for your time in advance and hope you enjoyed visiting PET CSI®. For more information on how we may be able to work together please click on one of the appropriate buttons below that may apply.