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PET CSI® (Pet Excrement Testing Crime Scene Investigation) takes a comprehensive approach to pet identification utilizing pet DNA & QR Code Bio-technologies for commercial and individual pet owner use.  Now for the first time pet owners and city officials have a way to identify and verify their pet’s license, registration, insurance and vaccinations instantly through the PET CSI® Identification and Registration Mobile App.  This innovative pet parenting tool fosters responsible pet ownership and is an ideal tool for property managers, animal shelters and even cities to encourage, enforce and foster responsible pet ownership.  We are the #1 Solution assisting property managers with pet waste and pet management by “Matching The Poop To Who Didn’t Scoop”.  We also train and educate our clients and property managers how PET CSI® is a profit center for their communities.  Pet owners now have a new at-home do-it-yourself pet DNA testing kit that can provide a number of different health, wellness and preventive information on their pet.  Our Pet DNA Identification Kits are only $25.00 per pet and we offer a $1.00 per door/unit Subscription Pricing Model for those property managers on a tighter budget.   

PET CSI® is the World’s 1st pet management system validated and developed by a certified and accredited genetic laboratory that has been providing pet DNA related services since 1955.  PET CSI® proprietary system is the pet technology of the future and the only one of its kind designed for felines (cats) and canines (dogs) with managed communities in mind. Through our On-Site & Virtual Pet Education™ courses we offer a subscription base model on topics ranging from “Living With Your Dog In A Shared Community” to “Dog Bite Prevention & Safety”. Our partners have been instrumental in solving animal cruelty cases as well as assault and murder cases against humans who either owned a pet or a pet was present during the crime.  These are just a few reasons why we advocate DNA Identification verses micro-chipping.  We have been labeled, “The CSI of the Four-Legged World”. PET CSI® and its partners are internationally recognized for their expertise of animal parentage verification, DNA profiling identification, pet forensic services, genetics, disease testing, along with purebred, mixed and designer breed analysis.  Built inside our mobile app we offer our innovative QR Code Pet Tag so that pet owners can store and update emergency contact information, pet data, photos, city registration information, and medical information and it offers a cutting edge tracking solutions such as GPS for lost or stolen pets. The PET CSI® team would like to thank you in advance for your download and purchase of our products and services.  Our motto is Accountability Breeds Responsibility. 

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  • Testimonial #3
    Denise Wade, Community Manager| Avana McKinney Ranch Apartments

    “I Love PET CSI! All I can say is “pet waste issues” were the #1 complaint when Greystar took over management of Avana McKinney Ranch. We started the implementation process for PET CSI here on June 1st and completed the final property clean up on July 1st. As I walk property daily I don’t see any pet waste and resident are so very thankful. I appreciate you always being available for my questions and I appreciate the help every Saturday in June to get current residents signed up. And what great selling point when new prospects tour our community!”
    Thank you!Denise Wade Community Manager | Avana McKinney Ranch Apartments

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  • Testimonial #2
    Richard Richter, VP of Business Development

    “We tried everything! I have been in the industry for 20+ years! Never in my life would I image using DNA to solve our pet waste problem and create revenue. We met Cedric over 5 years ago when he introduced us to this innovative technology and from then on we have believed in him and his concept. Thank you P.E.T. CSI™ for solving one of our major issues on our properties across the country”Richard Richter VP of Business Development

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  • Testimonial #1
    D. Brown, Bella Vida Estates ~ Greystar

    Thank you P.E.T. CSI™! We have over 250+ pets at our location and landmines were everywhere. We were spending several thousand dollars a year on pooper scooper service. We had complaints from residents with pets and residents without pets. Our well-manicured very expensive landscape grass was dying. We had no answers to these problems until P.E.T. CSI™. We paid for the initial installation for all our pets with resident’s currently living onsite and began charging new residents as they moved in. Within 10 months we had already collected our initial investment back just from poop matching violations alone. WE LOVE P.E.T. CSI™!D. Brown Bella Vida Estates ~ Greystar

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